We Care What You Eat

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  • We use high quality UNBLEACHED flour for all of our breads.
  • No chemicals, trans-fats nor High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Bakery: 2681 0123 Chinese: 15999 557759 English: 13923 412188
  • For the freshest bread, order before 9 pm and we will deliver the next morning.
  • Unbleached flour (A brief introduction): Chlorine (a toxic chemical gas is used to bleach flour and in the process, much of the vitamins are lost and replacements vitamins, mostly synthetic, have to be added (Enrichment).
  • A by-product of bleaching flour is Alloxan, a very dangerous chemical. In short, this chemical attacks your body's capability to protect you against diabetes. Do you really need your food to look nice and be filled with unnatural vitamins vitamins at such cost to your health?
  • Our aim: To provide high quality bread without preservatives or chemicals that are added for improving shelf life or looks. Our signature? No looks, no shelf life!

European & Western Bread Baked to Order!

Every day from 06:00 till 22:00



From Unbleached Flour


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Our coffee has often been called excellent by our guests.